About us

First in the Q? At first glance, this seems a rather odd name for a business. Let me explain.

My first job, straight out of school, was in the Women’s Royal Naval Service, During my first week of basic training, I soon realised if I didn’t get my act together I would be left behind…in everything!

In training if you weren’t organised and thinking ahead, you ended up with the left overs or, worse case scenario, nothing at all. That was best exemplified by meal times. Lunch started at 11.30 and would effectively be over thirty minutes later. If you weren’t first in the queue you’d be left with second best.

If you got caught by additional kit inspection or more drill, you couldn’t do that. I’m no chef but even I knew that an omelette has be cooked on-demand. If you went for an omelette, that had a different queue and you could be at the front of it regardless of what time you were able to get there. Your omelette was hot, fresh and came with the filling of your choice. Variety guaranteed!

The omelette queue has been my metaphor for life. In any situation in my personal or business life, I’m always on the lookout for that “omelette queue”. That opportunity to strike early and and make the best choice. It has served me well in my service and business life.

It is our aim to help you get to the front of your queue.

Sue Wright